Inner Atoll Charters

The Trips

Inner Atoll charters on Theia & Gurahali take in the surf regions of North and South Male Atolls.

Theia & Gurahali are both amongst the finest luxury boats in the Maldives. They are spacious with air-conditioned cabins, saloons and dining areas and have plenty of shaded open-air deck spaces on multiple levels. Each boat is accompanied by a support dhoni and tender with experienced crews and surf guides.

In 2014 Theia charters will operate from March to October and Gurahali charters from May to October. The charters are arranged for exclusive groups (6 – 16 surfers) and can be arranged for any length of stay.

Guests are met on arrival at the Maldives international airport and taken to the boat which will be fully stocked and equipped for the trip. Then the group is able to make its own itinerary in conjunction with the skipper and surf guide, deciding where to go and which breaks to surf every day.

Resort island visits can be arranged for a disco night; band or cultural show and for use of the Spa or Dive Centre. Chaaya Island Dhonveli is one of the most conveniently located resorts and has the Chavana Spa with qualified Indonesian staff who are very experienced in massage techniques for surfers.

North Male Atoll:
A short cruise north from Male’ airport are the chain of islands that host the main surf breaks of North Male’ Atoll. The breaks able to be accessed will include Jailbreaks (R); Honky’s (L); Sultans (R); Ninjas/Piddlies (R); Colas/Cokes (R) & Chickens (L).

South Male Atoll:

About 3 hours cruising from the resort region of North Male Atoll are the less visited surf breaks of Gurus (L), Quarters (R), Kates (L), Natives (R) & Last Stops (R).
South Male’ Atoll breaks are usually a bit smaller than those in North Male’ Atoll but can be excellent when there’s a bigger swell. (More for more information about Maldives Surf here.)