Outer Atoll Charters

For the surfing adventurer, Outer Atolls Surfaris explore the truly isolated southern atolls on a fully equipped, live-aboard motor cruiser featuring comfort and reliability without the luxury price tag.

Horizon-2 is a modern cruising vessel built in 2002, refurbished and very well maintained. For over 10 years the Horizon-2 charters of the Outer Atolls have been the reliable and most affordable option for this region. A comfortable mid-range boat with 6 x Twin a/c cabins with bathrooms; serves great food and has a support dhoni and experienced surf guide.

Captain Waheed is the most experienced skipper in the region; a local from the island of Gadhdhoo (Tiger Stripes) he really knows the local communities, the islands, reefs, breaks and most importantly the surf conditions.

The breaks in the southern atolls work on a wider range of swell and wind conditions than those of the Inner Atolls so an experienced Outer Atoll guide is essential. We were the first company to operate Outer Atolls surf tours in the region and our well trained Surf Guides have a vast knowledge of the surf breaks and conditions.

There are about a dozen breaks in the region, including Beacons (Right), Castaways (Right), Five Islands (Right), Love Charms (Left), Tigers (Left), Bluebowls (Right) and Two Ways (Left & Right). (Click here for more information about Maldives Surf.)

This is a remote region, and our well established emergency procedures have proved to be of vital importance on a few occasions when serious medical problems have occurred. Horizon-2 has all the necessary safety and communications equipment including Marine Radar, VHF, Radio Telephone, mobile phone (most areas), GPS, desalination plant, generators, and a trained and experienced crew.

In the Outer Atolls you can snorkel on unspoilt reefs, catch a fish for dinner and see parts of the country that most tourists never experience. And you can surf some of the best waves of your life!